Totsunyuu Hen

The title of this DVD, Totsunyuu Hen (『突入篇』), translates to something like "Breaking Into Chapters". It contains episodes 31-35:

- 31: Densetsu no Yoroi, Kikoutei (「伝説の鎧、輝煌帝」)
- 32: Ji Ryou Shuu, Kyoufu no Sakusen (「地霊衆、恐怖の作戦」)
- 33: Nazo no Hihou wo Motomete (「謎の秘宝を求めて」)
- 34: Tenkuu, Kizu Darake no Tatakai (「天空、傷だらけの戦い」)
- 35: Yomigaere, Yoroi Senshi Tachi Yo... (「よみがえれ、鎧戦士達よ…」)

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