Gekitotsu Hen

The title of this DVD, Gekitotsu Hen (『激突篇』), translates to something like "Clash Chapters". It contains episodes 11-15:

- 11: Youja Mon wo Uchiyabure (「妖邪門を打ち破れ」)
- 12: Seiji! Kurayami no Shitou (「セイジ!暗闇の死闘」)
- 13: Yoroi Gia no Shoutai (「ヨロイギアの正体」)
- 14: Shuten, Kokoro Naki Tatakai (「シュテン、心なき戦い」)
- 15: Kaosu, Shukumei no Taiketsu (「カオス、宿命の対決」)

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