Toujou Hen

The title of this DVD, Toujou Hen (『登場篇』), translates to something like "Introduction Chapters". It contains episodes 1-5:

- 1: Nerawareta Dai Tokyo (「ねらわれた大東京」)
- 2: Oni Ma Shou! Shuten no Moukou (「鬼魔将!朱天の猛攻」)
- 3: Yoroi Gia, Rekka no Himitsu (「鎧擬亜、烈火の秘密」)
- 4: Doku Ma Shou, Naaza no Wana (「毒魔将、那唖挫の罠」)
- 5: Fukkatsu! Hikari no Senshi (「復活!光の戦士」)

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