437 (physically about 17)
November 5, 1551
Astrological Sign
somewhere in Southern Kyushu
172 cm/5'8"
70 kg/154 lbs
Snake (Venom)
First Appearance
"Target: Metropolitan Tokyo"/"Shadowland"

Sekhmet (毒魔将'・'那唖挫, Poison Demon General Naaza) is one of the four Dark Warlords. Known as the Dark Warlord of Venom, he served Emperor Talpa and was an enemy of the Ronin Warriors.

Sekhmet is voiced by Ward Perry (Issei Futamata in the original Japanese version).

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Sekhmet has green hair and black, beady eyes. His facial features are oddly snake-like, like his purple eyelids and lack of eyebrows. For the duration of the series, he his solely seen in his armor and undergear. Sekhmet's armor is green and red.

Sekhmet is easily the least sane of the four Warlords. He's sadistic, cold, calculating, and arrogant. He takes pleasure in using his various types of poison against the Ronins every opportunity he has. He even uses Mia's grandfather to get to Ryo, leaving the elderly man for dead afterwards. He also can't stand Anubis, and seems to loathe him far more than the other two Warlords combined.


The War with TalpaEdit

Armor and PowersEdit


Snake Fang Strike!

The Armor of Venom, or the Armor of the Snake, is a representation of the Autumn season. It draws on the power of snakes, which explains the poison that seeps from the armor itself. The armor models a cobra and is said to be possessed by the Asian snake god, Naga. The weapons consist of six swords, which are sheathed across the back and waist of the armor. It's special attack is "Ja Ga Ken Musetsu Orochi" (which translates as "Snake Fang Sword Six Headed Orochi," but was changed to "Snake Fang Strike" in the dub).

If he were to use his power for good, Sekhmet's poison could be use to cure ailments.


Ryo of the WildfireEdit

Rowen of the StrataEdit

Kento of HardrockEdit

Sage of the HaloEdit



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  • It's been said that Sekhmet has "snake blood" coursing through his veins, as there are many myths in Japan that tell of snake demons taking human form to mate with humans. Though this has not been confirmed by any Sunrise source, it is widely accepted as canon, as it certainly explains Sekhmet's snake-like features.
  • Due to the number of times they have faced off in the series, as well as the fact that water is known to dilute poisons, fans claim that Sekhmet is Cye's main adversary.

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