439 (physically about 20)
3 december, 1551
Astrological Sign
Northern Honshu
170 cm/5'7"
63 kg/139 lbs
Jackal (Darkness and Corruption)
First Appearance
"Target: Metropolitan Tokyo"/"Shadowland"

Kale (闇魔将・悪奴弥守, Darkness Demon General Anubis) is one of the four Dark Warlords. Known as the Dark Warlord of Corruption, as well as the Warlord of Darkness, he served Emperor Talpa and was an enemy of the Ronin Warriors.

Kale is voiced by Richard Newman, Peter Wilds (Episode 2 only) and Scott McNeil (uncredited; Episodes 31, 32, and 35) (Yasunori Matsumoto in the original Japanese version).

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Kale has blue hair and blue eyes. He has a cross shaped scar on the left side of his face. For the duration of the series, he his solely seen in his armor and undergear. Kale's armor is brown, black, and red.

Kale is always first to mock Anubis' failures, even though the younger man is his leader. He gains the title himself after Anubis' deflection from the Dynasty. It is short lived, however, as his position is usurped by Lady Kayura, something that Kale doesn't take well. He has the hardest time of the Warlords accepting that Talpa has just been using them for the power of their armors, probably because of his virtue of Obedience.


The War with TalpaEdit

Armor and PowersEdit

The Armor of Darkness and Corruption, or the Armor of the Jackal, is a representation of the Winter season, which Kale uses to his advantage. He even has the ability to see through the deepest darkness. The armor is modeled after the Egyptian god Anubis. The weapon of the Jackal armor is a no-dachi (similar to the one Sage carries, but without the shurikan), which is able to absorb the light in order to increase darkness. His special attack is "Koku Rou Ken Ankoku Cho Uhigiri" (which translates as "Black Wolf Sword Leaping Darkness," but was changed to "Black Lightning Slash" in the dub).


Ryo of the WildfireEdit

Rowen of the StrataEdit

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Sage of the HaloEdit



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  • For the English dub, Anubis' Japanese name is given to Shuten.
  • Due to the number of times they have faced off in the series, as well as the fact that they have opposite elements, fans claim that Kale is Sage's main adversary.
  • Fans have been known to spell his English dub name as "Kale" or "Cale." It is unknown which one is correct.

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