I Jin Hen
(Strange God Collection)

Soundtrack album by Osamu Tozuka

Released October 21, 1988
Febuary 5, 1993
Cat # K30X-7139
Label King Records
Length 44:51

I Jin Hen (Strange God Collection) is a orginal soundtrack for the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers anime series. It was released on October 21, 1988 by King Records in Japan only. The cd was re-released on Febuary 5, 1993 by Star Child.

Album Info Edit

This is the second BGM collection covering the second half of the series and includes both sets of opening and ending themes, although the first ones are only TV size. K30X-7139 includes a 4 page flyer, 4 song lyrics and a 3 page comic.

Track Listing Edit

Track Type Title Length Notes
1 BGM Ki ~ Aratana Youkan
(Awakening ~ New Presentiment)
2:31 Played when Kaosu created the bridge. During Byakuen's injury maybe.
2 Vocal Samurai Heart 4:25 Second opening theme
(Full Version)
3 BGM Ketsu ~ Go Yuushi Kaigan
(Decision ~ Five Heroes Spiritual Awakening)
1:49 Miscelanous battle BGM.
4 BGM Bu ~ Onna Senshi Kayura
(Dance ~ Female Warrior Kayura)
3:19 Kayura's theme.
5 BGM Seki ~ Kokou No Senshi Tachi
(Quietly ~ Distant Warriors)
1:12 Also during Kaosu's sacrifce, where the Troopers look at the bridge.
6 BGM Kyou ~ Youja Ji Ryou Shuu
(Confusion ~ Youja Earth Spirits Masses)
1:19 More miscelanous battle BGM.
7 BGM Yuu ~ Shuten Douji
(Courage ~ Shuten Douji)
2:23 Ryo decides to do something heroic.
8 BGM Shuu ~ Yami Ma Shou Anubisu
(Attack ~ Darkness Demon General Anubis)
2:51 First battle with Shuten.
9 BGM Shou ~ Kokonotsu no Yoroi Gia
(Hear ~ Nine Armor Gears)
1:21 Spiritual talks. When the Troopers are talking with Kaosu about the Yoroi gear.
10 Vocal Faraway <TV size> 1:04 First ending theme (TV Version)
11 BGM Yami ~ Gen Ma Shou Rajura
(Darkness ~ Phantom Demon General Rajura)
1:31 And yet more miscelanous battle BGM.
12 Vocal Stardust Eyes <TV size> 1:37 First opening theme (TV Version)
13 BGM Hi ~ Tatakai No Naka De
(Grief ~ In the Midst of Battle)
1:22 When Ryo refuses to destory Arago the first time, because his friends will also die (he thinks).
14 BGM Ki ~ Doku Ma Shou Naaza
(Fear ~ Poison Demon General Naaza)
2:58 Beginning battle BGM, mainly against Naaza.
15 BGM Tou ~ Youja Jou Totsunyuu
(Fight ~ Breaking Into the Youja Castle)
2:35 Arago summons his body?
16 BGM Ten ~ Busou Rekka Kai
(Change ~ Raging Fire Armament Change)
2:07 The second part of this is the Kikoutei transformation.
17 BGM Nen ~ Yoroi No Chikara
(Blaze ~ Armor's Power)
2:09 When Kaosu was talking to Ryo, before Ryo was absorbed by Arago.
18 BGM Mou ~ Tsugeshi Mono Tachi
(Hope ~ Successors)
3:17 Fighting BGM.
19 Vocal Be Free 4:25 Second opening theme
(Full Version)
20 BGM Ketsu ~ Shuumatsu no Yokan <Samurai Haato arenji vaajon>
(Bond ~ Premonition of the End <Samurai Heart arranged version>)
1:12 Instrumental Samurai Heart.

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